Marc Ooms |

Marc Ooms |

The Educational Background of Marc Ooms

He completed his degree in Business Administration that helped to prepare him for a diverse and long career. Marc Ooms (marc-ooms) worked for his BSc at the VLEKHO Business School in Brussels between the years 1970 and 1974. As his first step into the sphere of higher education, Marc Ooms joined Heilig-Hartcollege in Ganshoren, Brussels.

Marc Ooms - The Fruit Farm Group

Marc Ooms, among other people, originally launched the Fruit Farm Group back in 2014. Ever since the formation of the business, Marc Ooms has helped to develop it to focus on the more prevalent fruits such as apples and cherries. They make use of almost 5,700 hectares, 3,900 of them are used for fruit farming.

Marc Ooms - Greenyard Foods

Of late, the company is a global expert in prepared and fresh vegetables and fruits, a specialism of which Marc Ooms has potent memories. He became associated back in 2011 by making the decision to become an efficient and accomplished Member of the Board. The firm has expanded to a massive size, with somewhere around 8,200 personnel in 26 unique countries. Greenyard Foods was founded about 50 years ago (before Marc Ooms joined) as a rather small firm.

It is likely that Marc Ooms holds a very vibrant, involved and fulfilling tomorrow with The Fruit Farm Group. Like many profitable businesses, The Fruit Farm Group has some big, bold and exciting strategies. Long-term sustainability and social dedication are most essential to the group's plans. Shareholders just like Marc Ooms are seeking to motivate the communities they work closely with as they go on to boost the organisation.

Marc Ooms - The Arts

Marc Ooms keeps a watchful eye on the current art market to continue to be informed about the latest art. He observes and enjoys several diverse types of art as a pastime. He has a passion for both the performing and the visual arts. Through time, Marc Ooms has acquired a keen fascination with the arts.