Profils Marc Ooms | Facebook

Profils Marc Ooms | Facebook

Long-term sustainability and social commitment are extremely key to the group's strategies. Like the majority of thriving companies, The Fruit Farm Group has many big, bold and exciting plans for the long-term. Marc Ooms (Visiter le site Facebook de Marc Ooms) and other investors are protecting the future of the organisation with sustainability in the long-term. Shareholders just like Marc Ooms are endeavouring to empower the communities they work tightly with as they continue to boost the business.

Marc Ooms - Educational Background

Above his scholarly education, Marc Ooms has learnt a great deal from functional, real-life experiences. He finalised his BSc in Business Administration which helped to prepare him for a lengthy and varied professional future. From the year 1970 to 1974, Marc Ooms worked for his BSc at the VLEKHO Business School. The name 'Heilig-Hartcollege' (that translates as 'Sacred Heart College'), is shaped by a recognised church that stands close by, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

The Arts and Marc Ooms

He adores both the visual and the performing arts. Marc Ooms is a regular browser of an array of art exhibitions and museums. Over the decades, Marc Ooms has built a healthy interest in the arts.

Marc Ooms - Greenyard Foods

Via Greenyard Foods, Marc Ooms works closely with an organisation that has a market which boasts quite a few of the primary supermarkets and retailers on the planet. The company has grown greatly in size, with roughly 8,200 personnel spanning across 26 diverse countries. Greenyard Foods started out life about 50 years ago (long before Marc Ooms joined) as a very minor business.