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Marc Ooms's association with Greenyard Foods

The corporation has broadened dramatically in size, with around 8,200 workers spanning across 26 different countries. Greenyard Foods started out about fifty years ago (way before Marc Ooms (voir le site internet) became a member) as a very modest corporation. At this time, the firm is a worldwide forerunner in both prepared and fresh fruit and vegetables, an area of which he still holds positive recollections. At Greenyard Foods, Marc Ooms works closely with an organisation that has a customer base that is comprised of many of the primary retailers and supermarkets in the world.

Marc Ooms and the Arts

Marc Ooms observes and loves multiple diverse types of art for a pastime. Through time, he has obtained a strong captivation with the arts. Marc Ooms is a regular visitor of an array of art galleries and exhibitions.

As of now, he's a loving, supportive and happy parent to three daughters and has lots of grandchildren. In November of 1951, Marc Ooms came into this world in Etterbeek, an area of Belgium. Marc Ooms's mother was an official for the Family and Social Affairs department in Ganshoren, Brussels.

The Future of The Fruit Farm Group

Like plenty of flourishing businesses, The Fruit Farm Group has many big, bold and exciting ideas for the long-term. Social commitment and long-term sustainability are extremely indispensable to the group's strategies. It is likely that Marc Ooms holds a very bright and rewarding future with The Fruit Farm Group.

Marc Ooms - Early Career

At one time in his career, Marc Ooms got a managerial job at a widely known investment firm. Experiencing a company in complete operation from a pretty early age may well have prompted Marc Ooms's outlook. A while ago, he became one of the very first to become concerned with research that looked at the efficiency of the Brussels stock exchange.